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Unscented Handmade Automatic Dishwasher Cubes

Unscented Handmade Automatic Dishwasher Cubes

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Unscented Handmade Automatic Dishwasher Cubes

What a joy to clean with eco-friendly handmade dishwasher cubes. Large enough to pack a big punch when tending to the scrubbing of dishes. Just pop one handmade dishwasher cube into the utensil basket instead of the compartment and start the dishwasher.

I am so excited to contribute to providing an extravagant candy store of goodies to clean and maintain all areas of the home. Beautiful enough to display on your laundry room counter or in a glass jar where you can just reach in and pick one at a time, making cleaning tasks all the more fun to achieve. Handmade dishwasher cubes are plant and mineral based stepping back into more traditional recipes for a more sustainable way of living improving the quality of our lives and the world that surrounds us.

Eco Friendly dishwasher cubes are vegan and cruelty free, zero percent dyes, paraben and chlorine free, no preservatives added, no synthetic or chemical compounds, no aggressive detergents or dyes and are made unscented. They are biodegradable and safe for the septic system.

Any product made with natural based ingredients are going to need a little extra help in order to perform to their best ability. Rinsing dishes and utensils before loading, understanding hard and soft water, adding an extra dishwasher tablet for larger loads. These tips and tricks will help to assure a positive cleaning outcome.

Listing is for 1 bag of UNSCENTED Dishwasher Cubes
14 CUBES Net weight approx. 17 oz. /490. G

Directions: Pre-rinse dishes and utensils, load dishwasher making sure all items are dishwasher safe. Silver, aluminum, some plastic items and stainless steel should be washed by hand to avoid discoloration. Add one to two dishwasher cubes per load into the utensil bin or rack as each cube is over-sized and will not fit into the dispenser cup. Start dishwasher with your preferred settings.

Ingredients: Sodium Borate, Sodium carbonate, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid, Acetic Acid, Malic Acid, Citrus limon

Dishwasher cubes have been used for years by my own family using hard water in rural areas where soft water is replaced by well water and we have had a wonderful experience with the outcome of our dishes. We have not had to purchase dishwasher tablets, laundry detergents, and household cleaners based on the simple and natural ingredients the earth already provides. Try our natural furniture polish. It nourishes the wood, great for stainless steel and with just a few sprays on a soft cloth and right away you find yourself cleaning with a totally different mindset. Toilet cleaners and laundry soap also available.

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