Home Watch Services

Home watch service for absentee owners can be a very comforting investment while away or unable to tend to your home. The idea of knowing someone you trust is visiting and providing a full report via email with each inspection to rest a little easier. You will have the opportunity to choose the frequency of visits, stop and resume any time you like. Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly visits are available. A list of home watch inspection services can be found here.

List of Interior Home Watch Services

* Full inspection of interior home.

* Main water turned on upon visit and turned off after completion.

* Swooshing and flushing of all toilets with soap and water.

* Running of water through drain lines.

* Sanitizing garbage disposal.

* Running dishwasher on rinse cycle once per month.

* Checking for visual signs of water entry through baseboards, ceiling, under sinks, drip pan of water heater and other potential areas.

* Checking air conditioner thermostat with attention to
humidity, visually checking thermostat and changing air conditioner filter if
able to reach the location.

* Visual signs of mold, mildew, water damage, hurricane
and storm damage.
Running of interior elevator.

* Visually checking for bugs and sweeping areas if needed.

* Checking interior garage, running garage door.

* Checking of breakers.

* Checking the locks on doors and windows.

* Reporting household odor.

* Starting the car and visually car

* Time stamped photos will be taken when needed or requested and emailed with report.

* With each visit, an email update will be sent.

* An invoice will be emailed with a report of each visit at the end of the month.

* Main water turned on upon visit and turned off after completion.

List of Exterior Home Inspection Services

* Reporting on the maintenance of pool and landscape.

* Retrieving mail, mail forwarding.

* Discarding of newspapers and checking for package

* Visually checking for damage on exterior home and

* Visually inspect for insect issues.

* Checking of patio and screen enclosure for damage or missing screens.

Hurricane Inspection Service

Due to the unpredictability of our Florida hurricanes, it is important to take precautions prior to closing the home. Before departure, the home owner should make a list of tasks to be completed.

* Clear the yard of loose objects.

* Take in hoses, barbeque
grill, patio furniture, toys and secure shed or pool storage boxes.

* Secure windows and doors.

* Install hurricane shutters.

* Make sure electric
hurricane shutters are down.

* If a hurricane warning is issued, you will be contacted via email with a general update. We will discuss if a special visit will be needed before or after the hurricane or severe
tropical storm.

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