Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign a contract for home watch services?

The home owner does not need to sign a contract for home watch services or cleaning services. A contact form will need to be filled out by the home owner before the commencement of home watch which will require the home address, telephone and email, emergency contact numbers, permission to enter the home, contractors of choice, and additional information that will assist us in following home owner instructions. The contact form will also include a price list for services and tasks to be completed by the home watch person. This is not a contract. Services for home watch and housekeeping can be started and stopped at any time. 

How do I make a payment for services?

Payment for services can be made by check at the time of service or through online payment options. You may also pay your invoice through My Naples Home Services website. Any payments in advance will be added as a credit and deducted from the balance with each service completed. 

Can you start and run my car when we are away?

Yes, your car can be started and monitored while you are away, but due to Insurance requirements, the car will not be moved from the parking space or driven by the home watch person or housekeeper. 

Should I turn off the main water valve and unplug my water heater when I leave for the summer?

Turning off the main water valve to your home or condominium is a task that should always be considered and highly recommended. Flooding due to broken lines, washer hoses, leaking toilets etc. can be avoided. The water heater uses energy even when you are not using hot water. Turn off an electric water heater at the breaker box. You'll need a few hours to heat the water when you return

 What setting should I adjust the air conditioner and humidistat when I am away?

Your HVAC company can provide you with a sticker or card with the proper settings to place next to your thermostat panel. If you are still unsure, we can help you with this information. If you are leaving the home for a period of time it is recommended to set the thermostat no higher than 78 degrees. If you are occupying the home set the thermostat to the desired temperature.

If I have a problem with my air conditioner, how will you handle this matter while we are away?

You will be notified promptly of the service problem with your air conditioner and with your permission, a phone call to the service company of your choice will be contacted. They will be updated on the status and an appointment will be scheduled. A meeting will be arranged for repair. If you do not have an HVAC service a reputable and reliable alternative will be provided for you that we can recommended.

Do I need to cover my toilets with plastic?

We do not recommend covering the toilets with plastic while the home is unoccupied. Due to the higher setting of the interior temperature of the home and the tight seal of the plastic wrap on the toilet rim, moisture has a chance to evaporate up to the plastic causing mildew around the top of the toilet. This contributes to a musty unwanted smell. If you have a home watch service the toilets should always be maintained and fresh.

In the event your home will be unattended and you prefer to cover the toilets, pour a 1/4 cup of bleach to your toilet water to avoid settlement. You may also use 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar instead, but NEVER mix these products. Either use one or the other. Cover with plastic to avoid water evaporation.

What should I do with the food left in my pantry, refrigerator or freezer when we leave?

It is important to remember while the owner is away the bugs will play. Any unopened or open cereals, flour, sugar, cookies, crackers etc. should be placed in a tightly sealed container or stored in the refrigerator. Check all draws and cabinets for candy, crumbs, etc. that may invite bugs to a snack.

Discard any perishable items from the refrigerator and remove items from the freezer that will melt or leak in the event of a long-term power outage. This would be ice, meat, berries, ice cream.

This closing service can also be provided for you upon departure if you are unable or don’t have time. Contact your pest control service to conduct their normal spray schedule as a precaution. 

Should I keep my pantry and cabinet draws open slightly to allow air flow while we are away?

It is not recommend leaving the pantry and cabinet draws open to send an invitation to critters that they are welcome inside. We prefer to make it difficult for them. In our experience a clean home sure helps and a routine pest control service adds additional relief. We do not leave our pantry doors and drawers open when the house is occupied so we feel it is best to leave them closed. We have found opening the bedroom closet doors just a slight is acceptable. As a home owner, it is your decision to do what you feel necessary in your own home. We are here to help in any way. The air conditioner setting should be cool enough not to ruin any items in the home. A home owner should be able to leave their home in the pristine condition they are living in while occupying the home. 

In the event I am away for the summer and Florida is issued a hurricane warning can you install my hurricane shutters?

Due to the unpredictability of our Florida hurricane season, it is important to take precautions prior to closing your home or condominium. Our closing service does not provide installation of hurricane shutters although we can clear the yard of loose objects, take in hoses and grills, secure windows and doors, take in patio furniture, and close motorized or roll-up hurricane shutters. We do not have a recommendation for quick installation of shutters especially when faced with only a few days warning of the direction of the storm. Most communities allow hurricane shutters to be installed and or electronically closed the first week of June.

Will your routine home watch visits be conducted on the same day each month?

Home Watch visits will not be conducted on the same day or time as to avoid forming a routine that can be recognizable to observers. For the safety of the home watch person, it is best to change dates and times. 

Why does my water smells like rotten eggs?

The smell of rotten eggs is a gas from bacteria referred to as an "iron" or "sulfur" bacteria and can enter water through a break in the water pipes. We have been asked to run the hot water through the lines but sometimes the source of the problem isn’t in the hot water, but is actually coming from bacteria that have built up in your drains. If the bacteria are growing in your drains, you can add a cup of bleach to the drain to kill the bacteria and stop the odor. We do recommend contacting your local plumbing company for advice.

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