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Dried Baked Orange Fruit Slices

Dried Baked Orange Fruit Slices

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Dried Baked Orange Fruit Slices

The fragrance of dried oranges, baking in the oven slowly, just makes home feel warm and welcoming. Perfect for the soap maker who enjoys topping off handmade soap with a little citrus embellishment. Decorative all year round in baskets, dangling from the Christmas tree with Hemp twine and tiny bells, ornamental on presents adding cinnamon sticks, ribbon, baby pine cones and acorns. Add to potpourri with rosemary, clove and star Anise. Add a spritz of your favorite essential oil or leave fragrant naturally. Create unique napkin rings or simply enjoy as a centerpiece. Create an every day door or fireplace swag by sewing dried oranges, cinnamon sticks, ribbon, large whole dried limes, and bay leaves through hemp twine and knotted end loops.

Gifts handmade with love from natural ingredients.

Listing is for 20 slices per box, gift wrapped
Naturally scented, Non-Edible

All items created by White Dormouse Artisan Soaps come from a CLEAN, PET FREE and SMOKE FREE environment.

It has always been my pleasure to hand bake dried fruit and vegetables in the oven. I adore the rustic appearance and decorate the home all year round.

There are many customers that have requested a brighter color in their dried fruit and vegetable products, but depending on the citrus and natural sugar content of the fruit, many of the dried items will darken over time.

I decided to dehydrate the fruits and vegetables which has contributed beautifully in retaining the natural color to an extent. All dried fruits and vegetables are non-edible. They are for crafting and decorating purposes including soap making and flower arrangement inserts.

As a SAFETY PRECAUTION careful preparation has been taken into consideration from hand and surface sanitizing, to washing the skin of the fruit, soaking the fruit slices in lemon juice, to the sterilization of utensils, bowls, cutting boards, dehydrator racks and dehydrator machine.

All fruits and vegetables are hand picked and any produce that doesn’t pass the inspection upon purchase and during slicing, is not used to dehydrate or bake in the oven nor is it sold to customers.

Dehydrated and oven baked fruit and vegetables are heated for hours at a time to make sure the texture is dry. The items are sold and packaged in a craft box, but recommended they be removed from the box upon purchase to sit in the open air where they will continue to dry over time. They make perfect décor and I’m sure anyone would be proud to display them.
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