My Naples Home Services has been providing dedicated personalized
housekeeping and home watch services for over 40 years.

Proudly featured in the 1983 Marco Island Eagle under Marco Island Women Entrepreneurs, still finds Ann Kamenicky enjoying what she loves, gratified by the results of helping you to enjoy one of life's pleasures, your home.


Home Watch Service

Home watch service for absentee owners can be a very comforting investment while away or unable to tend to your home.

The idea of knowing someone you trust is visiting and providing a full report via email with each inspection will help to rest a little easier.

You will have the opportunity to choose the frequency of visits, stop and resume any time you like.

Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly visits are available. A list of home watch inspection services can be found here.


Housekeeping Service

Hiring a housekeeper to work in your home doesn't have to be an overwhelming experience.

My Naples Home Services is committed to providing a business relationship based on trust, communication and reliability.

Every home has its own unique function. Attention to detail and work performance has always been a priority.

Small businesses have become a comforting source for personal and home care, forging a one-on-one relationship.

The emphasis on health and safety has actually left a positive footprint on the decisions we make, the items we purchase and the way we live our lives.

Many of the supplies used to clean your home are handmade personally, organic, vegan and plant-based with natural fragrances, reducing harsh, synthetic ingredients.

These products can also be purchased right here.


Shop Handmade Natural Cleaning Products

Making room for handmade products is a wonderful change and simply enjoyable. Domestically dedicated to making a house a home, it was not a difficult choice to go back to the basics.

Products created with what the earth already provides.

The incentive to formulate cleaning products with ingredients that are vegan-friendly, vegetable based, non-toxic with no artificial colors, no synthetic bubble makers, gentle on your skin and surfaces, healthier for the environment with compassion for those sensitive to overwhelming fragrances, allergies, asthma and skin related issues.

Handmade in small batches, it's our pleasure to provide all-purpose liquid castile soap, laundry soap, dishwasher tablets, furniture polish, room sprays, ironing mist, and kitchen and household items.

With over 110 bath and body, cleaning and household products to choose from we welcome you to shop online in three locations.

White Dormouse Artisan Soaps was established in 2017 with over 10 years of study and formulations to perfect simple, pure and natural solutions to handcrafted soap and cleaning supplies.

  • White Dormouse Artisan Soaps

    Ann Kamenicky, Artisan of bath and body and owner of White Dormouse Artisan Soaps. Established in 2017

    Handmade soap products made in small batches with ingredients the earth already provides.

    Inspired by the use of more natural resources for how we clean our home and what we use on our skin.

    Here you will find bar soaps, guest soaps, body powders and handmade puffs, salves and balms, sugar scrub and bath salts, sea sponges, natural shampoo, hydrosols, and household items.

    For a full list of products visit White Dormouse Artisan Soap website.

    Click the link below

    White Dormouse Artisan Soaps 
  • Crafters & Artists Everything Handmade

    When it comes to the home, handmade items have a special place in each room. Every item is created with skill the artisan has spent years perfecting.

    Creators of handmade items care about the quality of material used and enjoy resourcing natural products such as wool, cotton, plants, beeswax, wood and much more.

    When buying handmade you are supporting your local community and the person who made the item making a big difference in their lives. Your purchase boosts their confidence in themselves to continue to achieve their goals.

    For a full list of products visit Etsy's Handmade community.

    You will find items made by Ann Kamenicky owner of My Naples Home Service and White Dormouse Artisan Soaps.

    Click the link below.

    Etsy Market Place 
  • Handmade Cleaning Solutions

    It is our pleasure to provide natural, handmade cleaning supplies for the home and workplace. With over 10 years of study and formulation, we are proud and confident to use these products daily.

    Low sudsing, vegan, cruelty free, zero dyes, paraben and chlorine free, SLS free, no harmful preservatives, no synthetic or chemical compounds, no aggressive detergents, or thickeners, biodegradable and safe for the septic system.

    Unscented products are available. Natural sudsing derived from coconut, avocado and castor oil, glycerin and vegetable resources.

    Liquid Castile Soap is a delightful multi-purpose cleaning soap and just one of the products that make cleaning more enjoyable.

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How do I know washing more modestly is right for me?

It was only when I learned the gloppy, colorful overly fragrant synthetic ingredients with tons of artificial bubble makers did not equal clean clothes. The sneezing, coughing and allergic reactions to aerosol sprays, soap scum removers, and stainless-steel sprays were causing respiratory irritation. Customers and family members were also becoming highly sensitive.

Many people are hesitant to switch to natural cleaning products, skeptical they won't work as well or the fragrance will be unfavorable. In fact, cleaning with lemon has some fantastic germ fighting properties, baking soda is a wonderful deodorizer, vinegar, salt, organic coconut oil-based soap, and olive oil castile soap are all you'll ever need. Formulated UNSCENTED or with an accord of various essential oil notes to harmonize a unique and pleasing aroma safe for all skin types.

Perfect for the workplace. Co-workers will appreciate your diligence in contributing to keeping areas clean and organized while lifting team spirits in the office. Kosher-free, GMO and gluten free certified pure distilled essential oils accurately measured and beneficial for cleaning surfaces.

Products with these ingredients are perfect for multi-purpose use. Grease cutters for pots and pans, microwave, wash tile floors and doors, kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, soap scum remover, wash baseboards, window sills, blinds, makeup brushes, foot soak, bug repellent and workplace cleaning.

There is definitely going to be a time when a stronger chemical-based cleaner is needed, but I am hoping to raise awareness on the focus of cleanliness with ingredients you can understand, formulations that are user and earth friendly with the power of cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing by simply washing and rinsing more naturally and more often to reduce the number of illness and infection.

Replace the harsh pine cleaner of the 60's and toss the heavy lavender solutions with the calming and inviting aroma of vegetable oils and essentials.

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