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Should I close my drains

to avoid drain flies?

If you think you have drain flies or bugs here are a few suggestions. You can test to see if there are any bugs coming up the drains by taking some masking tape and taping the drains closed to see if any drain flies or any other insects stick to the tape. Another method would be to apply a small coating of vegetable oil in a cup and turn it upside down over the drain trapping them in the sticky substance. You can do this for a period of time to make sure the insect is actually coming from the drain first.

Always try to eliminate the source by unscrewing the drain plate of the showers and thoroughly cleaning any buildup in the drain that will promote a breeding ground for drain flies, roaches, gnats and other pests. Cleaning and flushing the toilets has always been an important part of my routine checking because the slime that sits around the inside of the bowl when unattended for a period of time is a perfect food source and we need to always keep that moving and clean. When cleaning the kitchen sink try to reach under the disposal flap to clean and sanitize, keeping food build-up from forming.