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Is your water bill drowning

your budget?

Tips on how to keep your meter readings at a number you can afford.

While investigating a significant overage on a water bill for an absentee home owner, the first approach was to decide if the usage is due to a leak, or normal use. Here are a few tips that may help you in your own home.

  1. Check to make sure the toilets are not running or the flapper is not leaking
  2. Check under all sinks and faucets for water leaks, repair if needed
  3. Walk the exterior house to make sure the grass is not soaking from a running sprinkler or broken sprinkler line. Check for water ditches or run off areas where water may have drained
  4. Check with the lawn maintenance company on the timing your sprinkler system runs per zone
  5. Check for underground leaks by turning the main water off to the house. Check your water meter to see if it’s still spinning. If so, you may have a water leak between the city line and your home
  6. Check with your pool service to see if the tech may have left the hose running in the pool
  7. Check for water leaks in the pool as some pools have an Auto Fill system designed to automatically fill the pool when the water level is low which can cause your water bill to be higher than normal
  8. Finally, if you continue to have high water bills learn how to keep an eye on your water meter readings by asking your utility company to show you how.
  9. Learn where your water shut off valve is to your home, apartment or condominium and turn the main water off when unoccupied