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Posted on August 4, 2015 at 9:11 AM Comments comments (9)


During a home watch inspection garden hose safety is one area of concern especially when the home is vacant and no one to supervise in case of water damage. Let’s speak frankly here and not beat around the bush….. It’s not uncommon that someone will use the hose to fill a pool, fill a weed spray bottle or water the plants.  Be mindful not to allow water to stand in the hose after using it. This may mean removing the spray nozzle, sprinkler, or other gardening device from the open end and draining remaining water as you coil the hose back up. Especially, don’t allow a hose full of water to sit in the sun after you’ve turned it off; the heat buildup can damage the integrity of the lining and leach chemicals. One known fact in the situation is someone may be using your hose and not being responsible for the outcome if left on. I call them “water pirates”. Definition: irresponsible.

Most garden hoses are fiber reinforced and can take a lot of pressure before bursting. Pressure inside the hose will increase until it reaches the inlet pressure,
at which point there is no longer any driving force to create water movement in the hose and water holds steady, but it’s likely to be the connection between the hose and the adapter that fails. Results: unattended constant flowing water, considering the main water valve to the home is in the ON position. A broken sprinkler head running unattended for a period of time can cost up to an additional $1000.00 on your next water bill. I wonder what the cost would be for accidently walking away from a running hose for two weeks due to a faulty connection. Solution #1: Turn water valve off and drain remaining water when finished. Solution #2 purchase a lock for your water spigot and remove hose while the home is vacant and unattended. Precaution: have your home watch person check water lines including outdoor hoses, under sinks and any water connections for possible leaks.


Posted on December 30, 2014 at 7:48 AM Comments comments (4)

Pool Alarms can alert parents to emergencies before it’s too late.
Yesterday during a home watch I set off what I thought was a house alarm, in fact it was eventually discovered it was a sliding door pool alarm. How genius! PRESS THIS BUTTON which is high enough on the wall for an adult to shut off the alarm, but if the door opens again the alarm will sound one more time. Inconvenient? Maybe.... but this home owner was not taking any chances. This home is equipped for safety. Research Institute tested seven pool alarms (they tell you when the water is disturbed) and six gate alarms (installed on a barrier around your pool, they sound when the gate is opened). This alarm is on every wall next to the sliding glass doors to the pool. The more layers of protection, the better. I have not checked to see if there is also an alarm in the pool, but with as loud as this alarm is, you cannot mistake the sliding door opening.

Knee Pads for Work

Posted on June 2, 2013 at 2:34 PM Comments comments (1)
Knee Pads
Work safety is important and when it comes to physically demanding jobs such as housekeeping, gardening and other tasks we must listen to our bodies and be aware of how we lift, bend, stretch and pull. Occasionally, washing baseboards are on our list of tasks for the day and spending time on our hands and knees is required so we always keep a set of ladies knee pads handy.
They are a big help and your knees will thank you.

BBQ Grill Brush

Posted on July 12, 2012 at 9:21 PM Comments comments (1)
Summer is here! Practice grilling safety by replacing your grill brush as needed. Worn bristles can fall off and get lodged in food. Start with a clean grill, good food and great friends.