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An overflowing washing machine

can put you in the spin cycle

 An overflowing washing machine can really put you in the spin cycle and can cause disastrous consequences.​

It can happen to anyone at any time. Fortunately this is not something that happens every day, but we should always be aware and take precautions to avoid potential problems. Depending on the type of washing machine, each brand has its own function, therefore these problems may vary. If your home is unattended for a period of time and you have access to shut the main water off, this would be a good start. Turn the water valves off in the back of the washing machine, and unplug. When troubleshooting an overflowing washing machine, here are a few things to consider.

1. A solenoid valve can become worn over time to the degree that it cannot close itself entirely causing water to continue to flow through until the solenoids engage and shut off the flow. This can easily cause a washing machine overflow. The water inlet valve is an easy and inexpensive repair.

2. A water level switch known as a pressure switch, can become brittle and cracked. This tube is filled with air. When the air pressure reaches a certain level, it triggers the switch. The pressure switch senses the water level in the washing machine tub. If this malfunctions it can cause the water to overfill the tub.

3. Washing machines continue to drain out dirty water and replace it with clean water as they wash laundry. If a water outlet pipe is clogged with debris, which can happen over time, it’s possible it can cause the washing machine to overflow. Clear the lines until the water runs freely.

Always run your washing machine when you can monitor the cycle. Catastrophic breakdowns are rare, but will reduce the risk of flooding or other problems.The good thing is it doesn’t cost anything to have a little knowledge on the mechanics and maintenance of your appliances and the precautions we can take to safeguard our homes against potential hazards.